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Should I report a company providing legal advice when the employees of the company do not have a law license?

I was formerly employed by a company that provides immigration services and counseling to individuals and companies looking to hire foreign nationals and/or immigrate to the U.S.. While there, it was common practice for non-licensed employees to answer a client’s legal questions and submit legal documents to the government. Furthermore, there were only a handful […]


Why aren't these Wall Street Investment Bankers who committed mass fraud during 2008 not in jail?

I am an American from a middle class background, with a good education who served my country during the first Gulf war. My family and friends were hit hard during this 2008 recession, like millions of Americans. I was brought up with a good moral base and never looked at money as the primary reason […]


Please advise me re: how to handle credit fraud…?

So a while ago I started getting weird things in the mail. Prostate pills… diet pills…other dietary supplements…’Work From Home!’ business CDs…etc. All manner of garbage. So when I began receiving these weird things in the mail, I went to my bank and looked at my last couple weeks worth of charges. I quickly realized […]


How can I query the IRS to determine if someone has been paying into federal taxes for working?

I have a large group of people at my federal agency that are drawing regular pay while going through medical procedures. I also have a handful of reports stating they are also working nonfederal positions; double dipping. How could I run a search through the IRS to determine if they are comitting fraud? Thanks

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