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When someone dies, are they automatically posted in the Social security death index?

It’s been over a month since someone has supposedly died and my sister is having a hard time finding any record of this person’s death. The person in question has threatened my sister (her life and that he would come to her house and rape her). The proper authorities have already been notified of this. […]


I was trying to but a phone yesterday and they said that because I am a victim of identity theft…?

I won’t be able to buy the phone. I don’t know who to contact to prove my identity. Now when I go to buy things or apply for credit they give me a hard time. Who do I contact?


how can we convince our father that his wife is a fraud…?

my father got married to a brazilian immigrant about 4 years ago. she steals money from him and sends it back to her country. a week after they got married the house they lived in burned down…not a coincidence since she now she legally owned have of the insurance money. she gives him a hard […]


Who do I contact if a school is commiting financial aid fraud?

My brother enrolled in the Thompson Institute, but did not have enough money to finish. He attended the school for only 4 days anf withdrew on the fifth day. Even though I told him to get copies of all documents, he failed to, and he is now having a hard time getting a letter simply […]


Why do most of the wealthy…have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to…?

Why do most of the wealthy and their political supporters have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is like they expect everybody else to when it comes to them ‘tightening their belt’ and ‘making sacrifices for the greater good’ of the economy? For example regarding to health care reform or taxes (for […]


Are all Visa cards the same for insurance/fraud detection?

I’m having a hard time dealing with my bank disputing a charge made to my credit card, (which is quite different than my dealings with them in the old days). I’m wondering if I switch banks/cards if I’d have better luck in the future if I have to dispute something. Or are the rules & […]


Credit Card Fraud?

A family member of mine, my cousin, is being charge with a few counts of credit card fraud. He, nor I, knows what he faces, probation, hard time, or what not….does anyone know of any basic law and consequence sites? So I may inform him of where he could look. He has a lawyer and […]


Child maintenance ????????

Ok, ill try and make it short with out all the ins and outs. Im in the uk and have split up with my misses and we have a 6 month child. I want to support my child so offered her a monthly amount and will up it when he starts school. She has agreed, […]


What can I do to protect myself against legal actions my ex boyfriend is threatening me with?

Here is the background for my question. My ex boyfriend has accused me of stealing money from him, and says that I now owe him 0. This all started back in October. The stress he has caused me has put me in the hospital, where I still am 3 months later, because he continues to […]


What movie is this about murder and identity theft?

I remember watching a movie a while ago that I think I liked, but can’t really remember the name of it. It starts with a young man who befriended a stranger, but for some reason decided to kill this new friend and steal his identity. For the next few years, he kept changing his identity […]


What are some signs that you have been a victim of identity Theft?

I’m starting to think that my identity has been stolen. Right now i’m having a hard time getting a job, i have seriously been trying all this summer and no luck. They always tell me they will call me back and they don’t. Is there any way i can find out whats wrong? a couple […]


I want to report fraud to the IRS.?

I was stupid and reproduced with my ex last year. Anyway, he claimed our daughter and was not supposed to. He has not paid a penny to child support, she does not live with him, he also made less money compared to myself because he couldn’t hold down a job. I want to report him […]


I would like advice about the loss of my belongings and contract breach by misrepresentation and shrewedness?

My home of 10+ yrs was in forclosure.I agreed to sell it to an aquaintance,in exchange for living in a apt there for 5 years for free.As soon as we closed they became abusive toward me and made it impossible for me to live there eg.getting dogs that would attack me if I entered my […]


Family member is acting unrationally how do I get help for her?

Over Xmas my sister and I had a disaggrement over a house I have contracted the purchase of from her. But that is not the big problem. She is maliciously tring to cancel my contract. She is alienating her self from the family, she is conducting fraud, she thinks everyone is against her, She is […]

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