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custody order based in criminal fraud?

Need help with analysis of a custody order, which was the result of family abduction (by paternal grandparents). Parents attempted to move with children, to put a stop to ongoing manipulation, harrassment, false reports to cps, and abuse towards the parents. Grandmother tricked son into filing for divorce, then snatched grandchildren when parents chose to […]


Can my soon to be ex-wife file a stolen vehicle report if we are both on temp tags and Bill of Sale?

I’m a florida resident with 4 young kids down here who need me. We got married in kentucky where she lives and she changed her mind about moving down here after 2 months of marriage. We bought a vehicle after we got married. I used the car to come here and filed for divorce in […]


Can a Field Grade Officer Lose the GS9 She has if she is convicted of Adultery and Fraud?

Can a Female Major Lose her Job as a GS9 that requires security clearance if she is currently being investigated for Adultery with a Company Grade Officer who is Married and it was confirmed she doctored medical documents to make it look like she was pregnant. She had a GS9 paying job as a civilian […]


Let the girlfriend pick up my kids?

My ex can’t pick up the kids from school tomorrow and he wants his pregnant teenage girlfriend to get them. It’s his night so it’s responsible on his end. BTW I am (unknown to them) pursuing legal action and a restraining order against her for fraud, mail fraud and harrassment. My lawyer is 0 an […]


does anyone have a phone number to report fraud and harrassment at work?

My husband is being harassed at work by 1 of his foreman. throughout the day, the foreman will repeatedly approach my husband, cursing at him, rushing him, down-talking, provoking him, sending him home, and cutting his hours. Even other employees notice it. My husband is a very nice guy. he says nothing to his foreman […]

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