Is no picture of you on your insurance card?

There is a serious error in the US Health care system: no insurance documentation has the photographic picture of the insured on it. Once you have lost or have stolen by someone your insurance card, you cant be certain about who used it and what went on your medical record. this error is the hotbed […]


Democrats, isn't it time to stop begging Obama to do what he promised and instead get mad?

By Chris Hedges The right-wing accusations against Barack Obama are true. He is a socialist, although he practices socialism for corporations. He is squandering the country‚Äôs future with deficits that can never be repaid. He has retained and even bolstered our surveillance state to spy on Americans. He is forcing us to buy into a […]


When will the Ontario gov to take a interest in welfare fraud?

I am a landlord and several of my tenants are committing welfare fraud Its so common now that most of my tenants are committing fraud . yet the welfare offices rarely press charges . What they do is she collects as a single mom and he works , I have some where he collects too […]

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