Insurance fraud in Michigan?!?@?

A friend of mine’s brother committed insurance fraud and I am very disturbed by this. He car had not been running so he got full coverage on it and then had someone push his car (with theirs) into a tree. He says it is not a big deal and he is only getting like 00.00 […]


Should I report a Child support fraud and how?

Ok, I don’t want to get my relative in trouble but I know that quite a few families in hometown have requested child support/assistance from husbands but they are still with their husbands! There is no separation or anything. The relative I’m talking about is in a domestic abuse situation and it’s possible that her […]


Case holding testimony from criminal trial can be used as against interest of party opponent in civil trial?

I am Federal Court her and I’m dealing with Fed Rule of Evidence 801. I am P and I want to offer my D’s testimony from a previous criminal prosecution against him. There was a conspiracy to commit fraud-like acts and my current D turned state’s witness on his co-conspirators and testified that he was […]

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