why does everyone hate short sellers?

This short selling ban is, without question, the scariest thing to come out of the whole mess. And it is not that I don’t have perspective. The meltdown of three bulge bracket I-banks and the largest insurer in the world is pretty damn scary. But at least it wasn’t the government’s doing. You see, I […]


So Bernie Madoff…. What about him?

Aside from the impact on stocks overall, the exposure of fraud on a massive scale is also devastating to individuals who trusted Madoff with their fortunes and to nonprofit organizations like Yeshiva University, which counted on Madoff’s purported secret trading system to help operate its institutions. Sterling Equities, the investment vehicle of the Wilpon family, […]


Is Hillary the biggest fraud since George W. Bush?

Her daughter Chelsea works for a hedge fund, whose founder is a big contributor to Hillary’s campaign. They specialize in buying up foreclosed real estate and bankrupt companies, then sell at a profit. With this economy in such bad shape I don’t know how Chelsea’s firm can afford to be without her as she campaigns […]

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