Have you noticed this about the national news outlets?

What news they deem worthy of national attention depending on demographics. This is how they have boxed it. Jews — Financial fraud, and sex scandals Hispanics – illegal immigration, and drug cartels Italians – Cosa nostra murders, and fugitives Muslim – Terrorism, and armed rebellions Black – Gang violence, and murder Homosexuals – Gay pride […]


Is this yet another reason the republican brand is all but dead?

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s two year, .4 million dollar investigation into what he claims is “an epidemic of voter fraud in Texas” to justify his support for voter ID laws, resulted in just 26 cases. It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following C&L’s ongoing coverage of this issue that […]


How much do Mexicans really value family?

How much do they really value family.? If they are living meal to meal ,do they just have kids because that is what they are suppose to do, because everybody else does it? Do they ever stop and think a child is a 18 year experience.? And does having a child mean a future provider, […]

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