Can you collect from two different insurance companies?

I had some expensive equipment stolen from my office. I claimed the loss on my homeowners insurance and collected from that. My office also has insurance that covers this type of loss and I was wondering if I could also collect from that without committing any type of insurance fraud for collecting twice on the […]


What constitutes insurance fraud, my husband hit a rock with the lawnmower on accident and it ?

popped out and hit our neighbors (who we cant stand but thats another story) car. We told them and made a claim with our homeowners insurance (they are renters). So the neighbor told us she wasnt even going to worry about it cause it was a little dent. Well a week later we get a […]


Question about arson and insurance fraud?

Ok, I have began investing in real estate. I was speaking to another investor at a REI club and he told me something that shocked me completely. He said that he bought a house for 00. It was in poor condition, no hot water heater or furnace, holes int the wall, kitchen cabinets gone, etc. […]

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