How many Doctors will get suspended from practicing medicine for writing the false Doctor Excuses in Wi?

Masterminding the effort are rogue medical doctors committing medical fraud by carrying out obviously contrived conversations with protestors then writing them doctors’ notes to excuse them from work for such things as "fatigue" or "emotional stress." What we have, then, is a tag team of fraud: The teachers who have abandoned their public duties and […]


What can you do when real estate broker is dishonest?

I have just closed on a foreclosed property. I feel the real state broker committed fraud. Property appraiser gave us a list with all the repairs that should be done before the closing. I have submitted an estimate from a Florida licensed and insured contractor as electric, plumbing and a/c work should be performed. The […]


Why do court system allow paternity fraud to continue?

A man who had no idea that his girlfriend cheated on him through out the realtionship- gets a DNA test for there son and it comes back that he is not the father. He has to continue paying 1200 a month in child support- for a child he didnt produce. The mother however has the […]

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