Possible social security fraud or adultery in Illinois?

My husband died and this other woman is claiming to have a set of twins from him. In 2007, she claimed the twins were her boyfriend’s, who father’s her other 2 kids. Now, she claims they are my deceased husband’s children. My husband and I were married in 2005 and separated in 2009, with his […]


INDIANA laws; concerning child support, taxes and visitations?

I pay the child support. 0 every two weeks on a .25 an hour salary. I currently live in New Jersey and my two boys in Indiana. I have my 0 deducted automatically now. When I moved out here before it was "court ordered" I was paying 0 every two weeks, again not court ordered. […]


Foremost Insurance Co. Anyone had them cancel or Recind a policy after a claim was put in?

A year ago I tried to find any one else that had their Home owners policy Recinded or Canceled after they put in a claim for Loss with Foremost Insurance Co.??? Without any luck, so am trying again…. I had a burgulary and when I sought to recover and put in a claim for the […]

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