I need to talk to a lawyer or something for my son?

My son was taken form me by my ex, it’s her son too, but without me knowing she took him, moved out, lied about having a job so she wouldn’t have time to let me see him, she committed some kind of welfare fraud with my son being on her parent’s taxes while they collected […]


How do I report tax fraud?

So my last landlord was a real douche. He made my life a living hell for 6 months. I have considered reporting him for tax fraud to get back at him for all the horrible things he put me and my family through as well as other neighbors around us. He’s a horrible person and […]


Is my mom committing tax fraud?

My mom claimed me on her taxes even though I am not considered dependent. I am under 24 (and over 19, I’ll be 24 in August), but I do not go to college full time, and I make over ,400 a year, so I am not a qualifying relative or child. My mom took my […]

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