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Need advice from caseworkers – is this legal or is it fraud?

Is this legal or would it be fraud? if im married, and have a child from a previous relationship that I have 50/50 custody of, can i apply for welfare if i say that me and my current spouse are living at separate residences? My current spouse and I also have a child together. the […]


how do i get help if i am being accused of child care fraud?

DFACS is saying that I owe 00 for not reporting all of my household income. At the time my husband was not living with me, however he was using my address not to my knowledge. He was not on my lease nor did i file taxes with him. What should i do?


Punishment for Child Care Services Fraud?

I know someone who is currently under investigation for child care services fraud. Which, in my opinion, she should be. What is the punishment for this? She is living a high class lifestyle, brand new home built, driving new cars, inground pool and spa put in. She receives nearly 0/mo in child support along with […]


How do I report state assistance fraud?

My co-worker and I make the same amount of money. Her boyfriend makes a little less than my fiancee. They have 2 kids together, we have one kid together. My co-worker gets free child care, free health insurance, and subsidized housing, they have 1100 square feet and we have 800 square feet. They pay 5 […]


Can I report my stepchildren's mother for food stamp fraud?

She receives food stamps for herself, her daughter, and the two sons she has with my husband. However, her boyfriend lives with them and makes very good money and I know their household does not want for anything financially. She is a waitress so she only has to claim 8% of her earnings to Family […]


How do you anonomously report someone filing bankruptcy for fraud?

I know, it sounds vengeful. That’s because it is. However, I have reasons. My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy with her new husband (that she left me for – her fourth husband, I might add) She has hit me pretty hard for child support. Within the last couple weeks, she received over 00 in child support, […]

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