Child Support FRAUD in Colorado?

My ex lied about what he was paying monthly for medical insurance for our daughter. I just found out I have been missing out on 5 per month for 4 years!! I was told I have to file a separate motion now that my daughter has changed households. Does anyone know what form I use […]


Can I report my stepchildren's mother for food stamp fraud?

She receives food stamps for herself, her daughter, and the two sons she has with my husband. However, her boyfriend lives with them and makes very good money and I know their household does not want for anything financially. She is a waitress so she only has to claim 8% of her earnings to Family […]


United Collections Bureau is after me!!! I need help with getting a loan!!!! Please, advice would help!!?

Hi, I'm on the verge of a breakdown and need your help. I owe ,400 to United Collections Bureua. I ran up debt on my CitiCard a year ago, racked up interest and my debt was sent to UBC. I had a ,000 payment posted from my bank account for this past Monday, but suddenly, […]

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