Was Maria von Trapp a fraud?

Maria von Trapp wrote several books, and she took inconsistent positions in them. In the first book, she tells how the captain called the children with a whistle. In "Maria," written in 1972, she states that the captain was not at home, and that the housekeeper introduced her to the children. To compound her fabrication, […]


Scientology is on trial for fraud….you think?

PARIS, France (CNN) — The Church of Scientology went on trial this week in France, accused of fraud in a case that sheds light on the group. The Church of Scientology’s bookshop in Paris is part of the case being heard in France. If found guilty, the church could be forced to shut down in […]


Can my ex get his child support abated because he is unemployed due to suspicion of federal fraud?

He has been charged both personally and through the firm that he worked for with various forms of fraud and misconduct. He lost his job (obviously) over this and has not gone out to get a new one in any field. (He is banned from the one he was in). He is remarried, traveling, entertaining […]

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