Can’t Get Daycare Thru Job and Family Or Any Help, Please Help!?

Hi guys, I need some help please. I moved with my fiance to live with him and my son from a previous relationship. I changed my JFS case to the county I’m in and since then I have had nothing but trouble. I tried to apply for cash assistance and was told I had to […]


How can I prove divorce fraud/ money embezzlement?

I was married for over 30 yrs, I went through a divorce and I am sure my ex-husband moved lots of money form our retirement and stocks (hundreds of thousands of dollars) right before the divorce with the help of his new wife whom was his HR Manager. She help him move money form his […]


How is this payroll tax fraud going to affect me and my family?

My husband has his own business. I am a stay at home mom. I have recently found out that his HR Manager had not filed nor paid payroll taxes for about 9 months. The amount owed is astronomical and I am in shock about what to do, who to talk to, etc. Question 1: How […]

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