Why do Judges and Lawyers not care about the Victims of Crime?

In Law, a Crime is considered an Offence against society and not an an offence against an Individual. Because of this, you always see a lack of respect for Victims of Crime. Assault, theft, fraud, Burglary, robbery, break-Ins, Murder – All of these crimes involve a real Victim, but yet they are all considered in […]


Is Word Vision a Scam Fraud?

Ethiopia – The Endless Famine Reporter: Andrew Geoghega, shown on ABC TV Australia in Foreign Correspondent on Saturday, 29 Nov 2008, 01.00pm EST. In order to put a human face on this tragedy Africa Correspondent Andrew Geoghegan travels to Ethiopia to meet 14-year-old Tsayhnesh Degalo. He’s sponsored her for most of the past decade through […]

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