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Does the Down-Sized family get paid?

This is a question for those that know about the show Down-Sized on WE TV. I have watched a few episodes of the last season and am now seeing commercials for the new season, which will be starting soon. I keep wondering over and over again; is the premise for this show even credible? Its […]


Fraud, Is it worth reporting a family who gets food stamps, section 8 and ssi, but both?

the husband and wife are working full time, getting paid in cash and pay no taxes? They brag about their accomplishments….Should I bother reporting them? Would you?


health insurance fraud?

My question is if a couple is divorced has been almost a year. He is federally employed. He never took her off his insurance and she has been using it since the divorce. Isn’t this insurance fraud because the insurance company still thinks they are married? no it was an uncontested divorce..he doesnt have […]


Do You Legally Have To Report Corporate Fraud Activity?

If a person knows of a small corporation that has fraudulant activity, (ie personal items and events being charged as company expense, and things like that), does one legally have to report it? Can they go to jail and/or be fined for not reporting? Hypothetically: It isn't a public traded corportion. All shares are owned […]

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