Do O'Reilly's defenses of Obama's 'conspiracy' issues hold up under cross examination?

1. He states that Obama’s school records are sealed. Then he goes on to say that Obama didn’t write a thesis. How would he know if the records are sealed? Professor Michael Barone told Newsweek that Obama DID write a thesis about the Soviet Arms race. STRIKE ONE 2. Michelle Obama has an ‘inactive’ law […]


Did I commit a fraud?

Hi I am a last year medical student and also do research at my school. I have a laboratory in my house and sometimes I ask for samples of chemicals and stuff. Many of these companies have a policy not to send to private residential homes because of liability so what I did was told […]


The fbi sent me a email today is it real or fake?

i have more than one account to conduct business or to just create accounts on websites is the email to be taken serious or should i just delte the extra accounts i have This email serves to notify that your ip address has been linked to serveral email accounts including this one. Your search patterns […]

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