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How do i get a bank account without a social security number?

I’m not an illegal alien. I do have a soc security number. I have heard on the news that Illegal aliens can get bank accounts, mortgages, and credit cards without a social security number. I want those privileges too. I don’t understand why I have to have my social security number attached to my bank […]



Team members made arrests in the following New York counties: Bronx, Kings, New York, Orange, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester. Individuals arrested were nationals of Belize, the Bahamas, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, and St. Kitts. Those arrested include: – A 44-year-old from the Dominican Republic previously convicted of […]


When will Meg Whitman's housekeeper be brought up on social security fraud charges, and punished accordingly?

Seeing as how Niki Diaz is an ILLEGAL ALIEN without legal right to work here in the United States, I was wondering when she will be brought up on charges of Social Security fraud since she used a fake social security number to get a per hour job in a state with nearly 14% unemployment?


Is Obama really serious about immigration document fraud Subway fined only 431 fine even after firing rehiring?

Is Obama really serious about immigration document fraud Subway fined only 431 fine even after firing rehiring the same illegal alien under a forged identity. Is any wonder these companies just laugh of the laws and happy to break the laws knowing Obama want really do much but a take a few dollars from them. […]


identity theft for work purposes by illegal alien?

This woman (who is an illegal alien) stole my sister in law’s birth certificate for work purposes. We just found out that she is working under her social security number. What will happen to her if we report this, in terms of punishment? We live in Texas by the way.


Isn’t Congress underhandedly pushing amnesty for illegal aliens in her AgJOBS amendment?

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to attach an amnesty amendment to the Iraq supplemental spending bill. It provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agriculture workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does’t count spouse & kids, bringing the total amnesty to about 3 million. The illegal alien would have to show he […]


Are the Democrats sneaking through illegal alien amnesty in an Iraq supplemental spending bill?

The amendment that passed provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agricultural workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does not include spouses and children, who would bring the total amnesty to a total of about 3 million. Once an illegal alien meets minimal qualifications, he would be entitled to: Bring his spouse […]


3 questions on what happens if they marry an illegal alien in the USA?

I have a friend, she is Brazilian and she is currently in Brazil but she wants to come to the USA as a tourist visa. Her boyfriend is here in the USA but is currently illegal but soon will be getting his green card to be legal here. She was wondering if she gets married […]

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