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Is this considered a fraud marriage?

I know a couple who is married and have a son. The man who is an green card resident not a US citizen brought them from Peru and left them 2days after their arrival and the women has a boyfriend now. The man has been living with another woman way before his family got here. […]


Looking for an attorney in Boston – Ref: Contracts Entered Into?

I am in Japan and need a lawyer versed in Massachusetts law on contracts entered into/rights of first refusal. Fighting contractual fraud by a Japanese auto maker. I was contracted to Reebok (prod endorser) when the Japanese firm made a bona fide offer to Reebok for my services, taking advantage of the 60 day contract […]


what should i do about being harrased bye a ex-friend that wont stop?

i have had a lot of good advice from many people but i dont konw what to do still i have known this woman for only about 3 wks and she is nothing but trouble and she is trying to ruin my life and now she is involving my children. i have sontacted a lawyer […]


Your opinion Southern California immigrant rights activist pleads guilty to vote fraud?

LOS ANGELES — A longtime immigrant rights activist has pleaded guilty to a felony count of voter registration fraud in Los Angeles. The district attorney’s office says Nativo Lopez entered his plea Wednesday after a judge prepared for jury selection in his trial, which was set to begin next week. The 59-year-old Lopez was immediately […]


Can I launch 'other interest caveat' if housemates did fraud to GET the house?

Even though immigration knows, they arent acting.I think I have moved into a house where they have the owners persmission and is in on the scam WITH FAKE IDs. BUT THEY DO NOTHING to show they ARE a landlord or are impersonating others, their names are fake also…I found a few bills in totally different […]


why don't we stop legal immigration?

time to step back and think seriously about the impact of immigration on our faltering economy: i.e. self serving politicians, deficit spending, welfare, medicaid, job creation, and existing infrastructure problems. corporate fraud.


Immigration fraud PLZ HELP?

I know of someone who married a US Citizen and is currently separated from him…they have been separated since 2008 and now its time to file the i751 and shes filing jointly, she send in all necessary paperwork to prove thats shes still living with her married spouse..when infact she doesn’t..(The only thing that she […]


would return to home country after my US spouse filed to me PR application weaken my case ?

Hi All , Hope every thing is great I am Egyptian who is on B1/B2 , i am going to marry US Citizen and she is going to file a PR request for me shortly . i have several questions and i feel a bit i confused due to several opinions i hear from different […]


is there anyway for an alien accused of fraud marriage to enter the usa after marrying a us citizen?

I married a us citizen 3 years ago, i had some problems with her and we got divorced we didnt live together and didnt have much contact coz of her family who was against our marriage , they put a lot of pressure on her our marriage so i left usa 6 months after I […]


Is the allegation of voter registration fraud really just a distraction?

And why does the Republican party keep trying to tie Obama to the organization as it has already been proven that – although he has worked for them previously – they do not advise his campaign and he has passionately stated that he is against voter registration fraud from any source and would support any […]


Do they check immigration status when you travel domestic here in US?

I have a pending case about immigration for fraud, but my case is handle by a lawyer and I wanna travel to another state for 4 mos. only because of work,but scared that I might get question and can see my pending case when I go in the airport?


What are the consequences as a US citizen marrying his girlfriend for her to stay in the country longer?

marriage is likely, but as i’ve been suckered into watching Sandra Bullock’s recent film "the Proposal" i’m scared of the consequences. Something about Marriage fraud immigration being a felony and the up to ,000 fine + jail time…..kinda scares me… let me know if you folks know of anything, and more importantly can link me […]


Are the growing number of immigration scams the reason why…..?

illegal immigrants carry fake or non-matching identification or Social Security numbers? A lot of immigrants are too afraid to report these scams, and the criminals go on about businesses to prey on more innocent people. Can this be the reason why illegals posses such documents? Immigration Scams Anti-Fraud Campaign Against Citizenship Scams Unveiled


Can an Immigration lawyer be held accountable for misfiling?

Scenario:Hungary woman (w/ young daughter) & American wed in 2000. Present day 2007-Mom & American still married by law, Hubby incarcerated for one year. They could not make the interview regarding the "alien relative petition" due to his jail time. The appointed lawyer (since inception & paid in full) advised of Hubby’s inability to appear, […]

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