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How 2 Report Corrupt Lawyers N Illegal Aliens using VAWA and ransoming babies for greencard?

The open back door into the USA is not through US Borders but through immigration marriage fraud by petitioned fiancées who take advantage, use, and deceive innocent US citizens for immigration benefits. These parasites use US Immigration Laws and the Judiciary System to claim domestic violence against their petitioning US Citizen spouses so that in […]


going through a divorce. Do I get a "big gun" or get someone cheaper?

basically do i get a high dollar atty to seek an annulment based on fraud, costing me 7500retainer/25,000 total if litigated or do i get a cheaper lawyer who knows immigration law and immigration fraud very well with an initial retainer of 1000 and a total of 8000 if litigated? this is a big price […]


How could a judge refuse to jail an illegal when he admitted to Social Security fraud?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — A federal judge in Chattanooga says government prosecution of nine illegal immigrants on criminal charges is an "Alice in Wonderland scenario." U.S. District Court Judge Harry S. "Sandy" Mattice (mu-TYS’) declined last week to jail Juana Montano-Perez, the first of the nine who have admitted to Social Security fraud. The Chattanooga […]


How can a LEGAL US immigrant arriving as a minor but now an adult separate from her parents’ deportation?

This is a long and complex question, so it may take someone with immigration law experience to answer, but I would greatly appreciate any answers or advice that anyone can contribute. My friend immigrated here with her parents when she was 14 years of age. Since that time, she has done everything right, followed all […]


I need help finding an immigration lawyer in Washington state?

If anyone has information on how to find a pro-bono lawyer or someone to that extent on Immigration law. I live in Washington State and really want to get help for my boyfriend who was braught here as a child. I want him to do things the right way so he doesn’t have a chip […]


What is the avg cost for a immigration lawyer?

For all retainers. Say for instance Visa, deportation. The illegal who never had a visa trying to get a sponsored fiancee visa. Just need to know if the immigration lawyer are shakedown ambulance chasers. Or legit. Can the do things above the immigration law. Just give me some ideas with all type of visas and […]

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