how do i report tax fraud led by one illegal immigrant?

ok. this guy i have known for about 4 years, he has been working on his papers to remain in this country but was here illegally for 10 years, all the years he has been here he has harboured illegal immigrants , all the time about 6 would live with him in every apt he […]


If illegals are paying taxes with bogus S.S.N. is it fraud to collect a tax refund?

They say illegals are paying taxes but get no refunds, we know this is a lie.‚Ķ Should a program like e-verify be used for tax returns? How can we stop these illegals from collecting refunds they don’t deserve? What do you think of this tax fraud. Did these illegals know what they were doing? […]


IRS is a fraud I was told, can this be true? Here are some strong facts I was told.?

I found out 20 yrs ago something that is so important I can’t hold it in anymore. There are many people in the United States doing something special with their taxes. They DO NOT LIE to the Federal Government, they don’t run or hide from the IRS but rather take them head on. I am […]

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