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IRS is a fraud I was told, can this be true? Here are some strong facts I was told.?

I found out 20 yrs ago something that is so important I can’t hold it in anymore. There are many people in the United States doing something special with their taxes. They DO NOT LIE to the Federal Government, they don’t run or hide from the IRS but rather take them head on. I am […]


Is Social Security one of the biggest frauds in history?

The brainchild of that famous lib, FDR, social security, which was to give people some "security" in their retirement, has turned into a monster. As the baby boomers age and begin to collect benefits, the tax base is declining. It is a program that is designed to implode. Today, some of us, including me, pay […]


I evaded paying my income taxes because of my accountant's fraud. Can I fix the situation?

My accountant who had full authorization to my finances (in short) attached a number of trades to my account – and my income taxes became huge (hundreds of thousands of dollars). I tried to work it out with verification and enforcement division, but because my health was getting effected I decided to leave the country […]


How do you get child support from dead beat parents in Iowa?

I live in Iowa and my cousin dumped her son on us. We are financially stable as far as our family however I did not anticipate having another teen in the house which will put a hardship on us if we treat him like one of our own. His mother has 3 kids–3 different dads– […]


if someone claims that a child is not theres can they still claim on income taxes?

my ex is claiming that my daughter is not his. Well I claimed her on my income taxes and now he is trying to sue me for tax fraud. well we have joint custody…we were never married and he has had a dna test done and it came back as him not being the […]

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