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How long before some John Edwards type lawyer, starts filing class action law suits against Universities?

For all the overpriced, scam, worthless college degrees they MILL OUT for 0K+ each Fraud in the inducement Breach of Contract Professional Negligence Infliction of Emotional Distress If you can get a cool million for Mc Donald’s spilling some coffee on you -what is this worth?


Do you think this guy is doing the right thing?

A television producer is suing dog trainer Cesar Millan, star of TV’s "The Dog Whisperer," claiming that his Labrador retriever was injured at Millan’s training facility after being suffocated by a choke collar and forced to run on a treadmill. In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Superior Court, "8 Simple Rules" producer Flody Suarez says […]


Would these categories be relevant to Collins project ?

Tort law Part of the common law series Intentional torts Assault • Battery False imprisonment Intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) Property torts Trespass (land • chattels) Conversion Detinue • Replevin • Trover Defenses Consent • Necessity Defense of self • of others • of property Negligence Duty of care • Standard of care Proximate […]


Can someone help me with a referral for a lawyer in Chicago to deal with an Identity Theft related case?

Someone has bee working with my social security number for the same company for over 5 years and I believe the company was notified of this in January of 2004 and failed to take action. As a result of this fraud I have suffered a large amount of financial losses over the last 2-3 months. […]

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