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Who else thinks its cute that rich republicans, who inherited their wealth, are calling Soc.Security a fraud?

Tea-Partyists and Far-righters, are now referring to the Social Security system, to which I’ve paid into, as have most other Middle Class members,or 50 years, a "Ponzi Scheme". Isn’t it clear yet, that wealthy Far-right Conservatives have NO respect for the Middle Class? The only thing they are conserving, is their family’s inheritance!


How can i be charged with benefit fraud?

In November 2007 my husband lost his job of 6 years we had to sign on at the benefits office. on 25/01/2008 we inherited £50,000 from my mother in law who had died. the day the money went into our account we signed off. we gave our children and grandchildren some money each we went […]


malaysian inheritance fraud?

Some months ago, I was befriended by someone called "Veronica Payton". She claimed to be from N. Little Rock, Arkansas. Over a period of time, she gained my confidence and led me to believe that she was going to Kuala Lumpur to claim an inheritance from her recently deceased father. Later on, when she was […]


Is it legal to buy life insurance for someone else?

I want to know if this is possible with or without help from an adult, and if it’s legal. I’m 13 and my grandmother is getting old. My dad lives with her but he has mental issues. I don’t think they’ve considered life insurance. A- If she already had life insurance would it be fraud […]


Does anyone know the key point of this article?

Of Riches by Francis Bacon I cannot call riches better than the baggage of virtue. The Roman word is better, impedimenta. For as the baggage is to an army, so is riches to virtue. It cannot be spared, nor left behind, but it hindereth the march; yea, and the care of it, sometimes loseth or […]


How can I report Email harrassements that are fraud?

i keep getting emails from people claiming to be bank employees, trust employees , knowing of an unclaimed amount of money and wanting me to contact them to share in this inheritance illegally? by agreeing to pose as the distant beneficiary of the family?? They always want you to contact them at their "private" email […]


What should become of those who are ravaged with greed?

What do you do when your robbed out of your inheritance by a step parent? When it’s family and they are commiting fraud and forgery against your elderly grandmother who is ill, Should you turn them into the cops? Or should you do nothing because it’s "family" and it will cause a huge family break […]


Is this really fraud?

My friends have been together for 16 years, but are not married. He was injured on the job three years ago and is on SSI. She received a small inheritance after the death of her dad. They have a child together. Yesterday he received a letter in the mail stating that since she received the […]


i was a victim of fraud. how can i release the pain and hatred inside my heart?

this about inheritance first i doubted it,but i dont know and how they convinced me to believe them.they provided all documents to proof that im the beneficiary.and i went all the way to meet them in London. it was a nightmare for me,a worst experienced ever in my life.they took 15,000 US $ from […]


I would like advice about the loss of my belongings and contract breach by misrepresentation and shrewedness?

My home of 10+ yrs was in forclosure.I agreed to sell it to an aquaintance,in exchange for living in a apt there for 5 years for free.As soon as we closed they became abusive toward me and made it impossible for me to live there eg.getting dogs that would attack me if I entered my […]


Where does a person report a phishing scam?

I received an inheritance phishing scam email (not on my yahoo email, but my home email) by someone with a yahoo email address, where do i report it? Thanks


Get answers from millions of real people.?

Have anyone seen this e mail yet?It is a little scary ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONITORY CRIMES DIVISION FBI HEADQUARTERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION J. EDGAR HOOVER BUILDING 935 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535-0001 DATE: 25thTH/08/2008 Attention: JOHN CASON FUND BENEFICIARY, We received your email, this is not a child play, we are […]

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