I think Dr BD Wong in law and order SVU is hypocritical and closed minded in the episode hardwired?

This episode opened my mind. I believe they should have the Freedom of expressing themselves and I support Jack McClellan for being honest. I know it is fiction,but that’s how a lot of psychologist and psychiatrist think they are the know it all. He said "pseudo-science like this insults my intelligence as a psychiatrist and […]


Mail insurance fraud?

The item that I won online was shipped in a box. It was wrapped poorly, and arrived twisted and broken. Interestingly, the box was perfectly fine. The seller wants me to send it to her, so that she can file insurance claim with post office. The post office didn’t do anything to destroy the item. […]


What do you think of my script passage?

Normal version. RRe Link Roll iroll Mind roll 1. Inappropriate question which I list as INP. 2. Profanity 3. Sexual content 4. Swearing(Only if it is being used as an insult or in excess.) 5. Violence or images with bad depicts or sexuality. 6. Someone asks for contact(I usually leave a comment instead or it […]

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