D.U.I. and The Interview?

After seven years, I have finally gotten the job at my dream company. I started today. We’re the #1 risk insurance broker in the U.S. (Just so you get the idea of how big and corporate it is.) I found out today that they will be conducting a background check. My record is squeaky clean […]


Can unmarried couples who live together have joint auto insurance in Illinois?

My fiance and I are getting married in January. We own a home together. We live in Cook County. We were having some issues with insurance and are in the process of combining our auto policies and changing over our homeowners policy. His insurance broker tried telling us that since we aren’t married yet, we […]


Fraud from an insurance broker?

Okay so here is what happened: I told the insurance broker i drove a total of 6k miles per year.. he gave me a quote of 0 for 6 months. i paid that same day. A few weeks later, i recieved a letter from Progressive stating that my milage of 3k was really low…that they […]

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