Would a National Health Care System in the US eliminate most fraud (see details)?

Right now, there is a lot of fraud for billing insurance companies, medicaid, and medicare for procedures that were not done or were not needed. Insurance companies spend 20-30% of their revenue making sure the procedures ordered are valid. If all medical professionals were on a fair plan of compensation instead of making a profit […]


Can someone explain insurance fraud related to filing medical claims? I need to know whats legal/what’s not?

I would like to know what the legal issue is with filing outragious dollar amounts on insurance claims. Do the insurance companies investigate large dollar claims that seem above and beyond? Where do I go for more help?


how do i report a doctor for insurance scam/fraud?

currently we work for a doctor who is clearly defrauding insurance companies, and especially the medicare system. what do i do to protect myself and how do i report her? should i just keep quiet, my husband thinks its unethical of her.

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