Insurance co vs agent & E&O?

What are my next best steps? Refunding me is not the point — I paid for coverage, I was honest. Caught between insurance company, agent w/an ex bf. = headache Now I have serious loss of income, expense and damages and no car. Car pd in full by ME and in my name. Background: I […]


What would happen to the economy if health reform passes and doctors treat it the same way as insurance now?

Last time I went for any medical treatment, cash-paying patients got an automatic 50% discount. (Translation: they charge regular price for cash, double for guaranteed insurance payments that no one bothers to check on for fraud.) What is Obamacare doing to curtail insurance scams like this?


what kind of lawyer would i need to go after an employer for insurance fraud? and lead to unpaid doctor bills ?

i am in tennessee near nashville. i had blue cross blue shield through my employer last year. in late march i went to my regular doctor with some pains in my shoulder. i did some tests and then had a MRI scan around 2 april. by april 15th i was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. i […]

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