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She abandoned the marrage after 19 1/2 years..what to do?

I don’t know what to do. My wife ran off / disappeared after 19 1/2 years of marrage, home burns down 7 days later and I find she stole 40,000 dollars of my deceased fathers re-instated credit cards! I am divorcing her (due to the fact that I want to separate ME from the fraud […]


victim of credit report fraud?

I need some help. I’m 22 years old. Three years ago Experian put over 0,000 in debt, that did not belong to me, onto my credit report, the debt belonged to somebody with a similar name who lived in the same town as me. Needless to say my credit limit on my credit card got […]


Is my physician trying to commit insurance fraud?

I went to my doctors yesterday and paid for the visit (my insurance policy only covers 3 visits each year so I didn’t want to waste it on this visit). All the doctor did was check my temperature and gave me a referral to get a blood test & an x-ray. She said she wanted […]


I'm trying to find answers regarding medical histories stored by insurance companies for a disability case.?

Who stores medical histories for insurance companies? Who can access such info? Can my doctor; can I in all cases? Say an insurance company, such as Prudential, knows more about my risks than I did ~ when I purchased life insurance ~. Does a company, like like a large insurance company, keep this info if […]


Can I still be charged with insurance fraud if I cancel my claim?

I have had property stolen from my car and I filed the claim under my renter’s insurance policy. After almost 2 months, the stolen items (almost all of them) were returned to me and I promptly canceled my claim. I’m not seeking any compensation; does any of that constitute fraud?


I am being double-paid by medical insurance and can't fix it. Am I handling this properly? [COMPLEX]?

Okay, through no fault of my own, I am being double-paid by two insurance companies for medical claims. The main goal is to make sure they can’t/won’t charge me with insurance fraud and/or pull coverage because of this situation. The situation: – I have a child with Autism. – Child gets behavioral therapy with an […]


Dollar limit for insurance fraud?

I had a friend who lost her engagement ring set (or it was stolen, she’s not sure what happened) and so she took out on insurance policy for it and then reported it like two months later. All she received was a replacement ring but no money, the ring was worth about 00. My question […]


Insurance Fraud / how to get a dependancy overide?

1. Insurance fraud–is it fraud when you cash a claim check but do not put fourth the money to fiix a vehicle? 2. How can you get a Dependancy Overide? basic back ground: Age 18, High school diploma, with past and present work experience, am trying to get food stamps and partial unemployment for the […]


Is this insurance fraud?

So my brother in law has an insurance policy. His girlfriend got into a car accident in his car and filed a claim on his policy as his wife. She got the money and a few months later she got into another accident. This time my b- in- law is being investigated for insurance fraud. […]


Can I sue a realtor for fraud?

3 years ago, my husband and I went to purchase a house. Our mortgage broker came back to us and said we needed flood insurance because we are in a flood zone. My husband and I weren’t planning to live in the house for more than a few years, so we didn’t want a home […]


Insurance Fraud?

My husband and I are seperated. He has a car registered and insured in his name only with GEICO. My name was on the insurance policy as a second driver. I know he is not good at paying his bills and I think he will let the insurance lasp. I tried to have my name […]


FRAUD? Uninsurable bad driver (friend) wants added to my perfect record insurance policy?

The worlds worst driver is no longer insurable by anyone and is demanding to be added to my 40 year accident free insurance policy. I say that is outright insurance fraud. She says that it’s not even remotely close to "fraud" and that I’m ignorant to the way things are done in the real world. […]


is there a possible prison sentance for insurance fraud & drink driving?

the details of insurance fraud are setting up a insurance policy knowing that i have a provisional yet stating i have a full UK licence

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