Why do most of the wealthy…have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to…?

Why do most of the wealthy and their political supporters have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is like they expect everybody else to when it comes to them ‘tightening their belt’ and ‘making sacrifices for the greater good’ of the economy? For example regarding to health care reform or taxes (for […]


Why is auto insurance fraud so hard to catch?

I am doing a paper for one of my college classes. It’s about fraud in the auto insurance field. From what I have researched so far, it seems if a driver lies about what they use their car for (to commute, fun, etc.) or lie about the address, stays under their annual mileage rate, and […]


Insurance misrepresentation (fraud?) by employer to employee?

How or where can I find answer to questions about possible insurance misrepresentatin or fraud by an employer? I have discovered that I wasn’t covered by medical insurance when I was supposed to be by my employer. Money was taken out of my check weekly to cover the premiums, I had been insured for over […]

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