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debt consolidation…debt relief or a scam?

I keep seeing these ads where you can consolidate all of your debt into one monthly payment and have your interest rate reduced. But is this the same as a settlement? Does it affect your credit as badly as declaring bankruptcy would?


i neede legal help with real estate.?

in 2000 my wife and i went through a terrible experience we trusted a mortgage broker to find us a cheaper interest rate, well what happened is forgery, fraud, embezzlement, and what is worse she set us up to get our house taken away from us. i need a lawyer or someone who knows what […]


Is this tax fraud, it has alot of reading, so please give me serious answers!?

This is going to be long, so everyone has an understanding on the situation. I worked for a company for about 3 years as a Administrative Assistant. I started my job at the age of 18 years old, 3 months after I graduated from high school, she hired me. I worked there and had paid […]


Serious Legal Question on WAMU Credit Card?

JPMorgan Chase said it was not acquiring any senior unsecured debt, subordinated debt, and preferred stock of WaMu’s banks, or any assets or liabilities of the holding company, Washington Mutual Inc. JPMorgan also said it will not take on the lawsuits facing the holding company. Now, if there is no signed credit card agreement between […]


What type of fraud is this?

I read your article on fraud on Expert law but did not see the following topis discussed. Do you know what type of fraud this falls under? Can you tell me what type of fraud this is? A school official makes up false information about a students’ attendance and performance. the school official then uses […]


Do I have the right to sue over breach of a verbal agreement (Friend/Money)?

Ok, this is a situation that is really bothering me. A few months back, a friend came to me for financial help. I’ll try to spare the details, as it’s a long story, and a painful one. Anyway, she came to me, explained that she had received a phone call from Capital One over some […]


Should I report my mortgage broker to better business bureau?

I dont understand why my broker didnt lock my rate when I recieve the contract my rate was 9.87 I told him I agree, and lock it. He didnt want to at the time because he said he was still shopping for a better rate. A month went by and the rate went up a […]


Does anyone know how if it is possible to get refinancing after my credit score was destroyed from fraud.?

The results of the fraud ( perpetrated by a family member) was to file bankruptcy. I recently settled my chapter 13 bankruptcy and avoided foreclosure. Now with a low credit score and no credit cards, I still own my home but wish to refinance to consolidate my first and second mortgages at a lower interest […]


mortgage broker’s application fraud?

I purchased a house for investment and had already a lease for the property, I understand the interest rate was higher because of it. my tenents stop paying and did not want to move out, I was unable to pay mortgage but asked the bank for extansion which they didn't approve. I tried to sell […]

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