Can employers put tracking devices on private vehicles?

My brother’s employer is trying to put tracking devices on his employee’s cars. Thing is, the company does not own vehicles for company use and instead requires employees to use their own vehicles. They are compensated by turning in mileage logs and getting 0.45 cents for every mile they drive to and from the rental […]


Would these categories be relevant to Collins project ?

Tort law Part of the common law series Intentional torts Assault • Battery False imprisonment Intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) Property torts Trespass (land • chattels) Conversion Detinue • Replevin • Trover Defenses Consent • Necessity Defense of self • of others • of property Negligence Duty of care • Standard of care Proximate […]


As a two-time federal "tort victim" turned "whistleblower", how do I get the government off my back?

The government has continually harrassed me through invasion of privacy and interfered in my employment, healthcare, education, insurance, etc. for a couple of decades. I turned the government in for mismanagment, fraud and abuse ( stealing million and systematically murdering anyone who got in their way) during the Reagan administration while working for the Department […]

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