Would A Nationwide Refusal By The People To Pay Their Debts Bring Economic Relief To Those Most Worthy … ? ?

instead of the money vultures who have gone unmolested by the law. As JFK’s father Joe bragged "the money did not simply disappear in 1929, it just ended up consolidated in fewer and fewer hands" as was planned. A nationwide refusal to pay debts would cause the planned depression to collapse and bring the money […]


Why do cons think they can make up their own reality?

Let me give you an example: economics. Conservatives believe that by cutting taxes (mostly for the rich), deregulating the economy, and cutting social programs for the working poor, you can increase the rate of growth. This is basically SUPPLY SIDE economics as seen under Reagan and Bush Jr. Liberals believe that by shifting taxes to […]


Who thinks that the government is a fraud?

JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. were all shot after making great speeches about freedom etc. Do you think that the government has to do with those murders?

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