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Void restraining orders in California family court?

I think I can prove fraud on my wifes part on a already dissmissed DVRO. Any one know of ANY way to make a RO Void? CA CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE 473(d) The court may, upon motion of the injured party, or its own motion, correct clerical mistakes in its judgment or orders as entered, […]


Lawyers will not help me. Owners of my aprartment complex are violating my tenant and human rights.?

My apartment complex is going through renovation. The new property owners are extremely violating my tenant rights. They illegally removed my personal belongings without a judgment from a judge. I was not present nor were the US Marshals. I refused to relocate because they were relocating me in the state of Maryland. My children and […]


Should I get a lawyer for my loan dispute?

I had a loan with HSBC for my motorcycle. I was told by the salesman it was a 5 year loan at 13% for 0 a month. I filled out all the paperwork stating such but the only thing i received in return was my bill of sale from the dealer. Skip ahead 6 months […]


Isn't the "voter fraud" rhetoric an ongoing Scare tactic with very few arrests/prosecutions over years?

Although the Bush administration began a stepped-up program in 2002 to crack down on people who cast ballots fraudulently, fewer than 100 people were convicted in the first 4 1/2 years of the program. And according to an analysis by Weiser’s center, most cases of alleged fraud in recent years have turned out to be […]


What do to if an Escrow company stole your money?

My father sold his business last year and received services from an escrow company. When it was time to transfer the money, he only received part of it from them. They claimed that there was a judgment on my father regarding a previous lawsuit. We got a lawyer and went to court to remove the […]


can i have judgement removed from my child support order?

i have found out my brother actually fathered the child i thought was mine . i am disabled with other children i need to take care of and this judgment has removed any chance of me owning a home. i married this women not because of love but for best interest of the child . […]


What is a Journal Entry of Judgment?

I recently won a judgment for a fraud case. My lawyers are preparing a "Journal Entry of Judgment". What is this?


Victim of financial fraud by a Calif chiropractor ? You, family, or friend ?

My late wife, a cancer patient, was defrauded by a San Fernando Valley, CA, chiropractor in 2003. He borrowed large sums from her; and also used her credit card, charging over ,000, using it even after her death. He also increased the credit limit & changed the VISA billing address to his own personal PO […]


Okay, I got served a judgement to go to court for a debt over breach of contract.?

I got served for breach of contract, and the person who took the judgment out on me, breached the contract himself! I emailed him yesterday though, asking him if he’d just allow my automatic deductions on my credit card monthly to remain active to satisfy the contract terms, and drop the judgment. He did not […]


How do you have a judgement removed from your credit report if identity theft is involved?

I am a victim of identity theft but caught it years too late because I did not check my credit report. I’ve been reviewing my report this last week and on one of the reporting agencies is a judgment for a debt that I did not make. I have already disputed the items, filed a […]

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