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Child support payment problems? (Arkansas)?

Almost 20 years ago, my wife and I divorced. I don’t know how she did it but my child support payments (2 children) were for 90% of my wages (This is an interstate case). I went to an attorney who told me she couldn’t do that by law and advised me to quit paying. Eventually […]


why doesn't family law court care about immigration status?

I posted a question yesterday about how can an illegal immigrant collect child support and I think every one misunderstood the question. I am not trying to collect child support I pay child support to an illegal alien and at the time we got married I had no idea he was illegal. It wasn’t until […]


Can my soon to be ex-wife file a stolen vehicle report if we are both on temp tags and Bill of Sale?

I’m a florida resident with 4 young kids down here who need me. We got married in kentucky where she lives and she changed her mind about moving down here after 2 months of marriage. We bought a vehicle after we got married. I used the car to come here and filed for divorce in […]


Ebay FRAUD! Are their lawyers out there for this?

I purchased a car nearly 7 weeks ago for 00.00. I paid by check and the seller cashed my check. I have a copy of it with his signature from the bank. I have been in contact with the seller and he kept telling me the title was going to be FedEx to me. First […]


As a two-time federal "tort victim" turned "whistleblower", how do I get the government off my back?

The government has continually harrassed me through invasion of privacy and interfered in my employment, healthcare, education, insurance, etc. for a couple of decades. I turned the government in for mismanagment, fraud and abuse ( stealing million and systematically murdering anyone who got in their way) during the Reagan administration while working for the Department […]

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