Would A Nationwide Refusal By The People To Pay Their Debts Bring Economic Relief To Those Most Worthy … ? ?

instead of the money vultures who have gone unmolested by the law. As JFK’s father Joe bragged "the money did not simply disappear in 1929, it just ended up consolidated in fewer and fewer hands" as was planned. A nationwide refusal to pay debts would cause the planned depression to collapse and bring the money […]


Car accident, ICBC fraud- very long question?

1 month ago my BF was in a accident with his cousin in the Passenger side. He crashed into a back of another car- he had enough time to stop but the roads where slick and he skidded- luckily no one was injured. Anywho, his cousin was taken to the hospital that day to be […]


Family Members experiencing insurance fraud/scam.?

I don’t know all the complete details but this is what I have gathered so far: My uncle had a car accident recently, and went to a family "friend’s" acupuncture clinic for some treatment; he only went for one session. He went there and later, when the insurance payment bills came up, he was charged […]

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