Why do Judges and Lawyers not care about the Victims of Crime?

In Law, a Crime is considered an Offence against society and not an an offence against an Individual. Because of this, you always see a lack of respect for Victims of Crime. Assault, theft, fraud, Burglary, robbery, break-Ins, Murder – All of these crimes involve a real Victim, but yet they are all considered in […]


Is This Employer Tax Fraud?

After having waited an eternity to receive my w2 from an old employer, I found that a few things seemed a little fishy about it. Namely: the tax with-held for my pay was not the minimum that is withheld in the state of Illinois. No where near the 20% that it should have been. When […]


Obama says he is going to pay for his expensive health plan by cutting waste and fraud from the medical field.?

why doesn’t he just cut the waste and fraud from Medicare and keep that plan? We seniors like Medicare. The plan he has will drive us trillions more in debt. He is pretty tricky with his words. Obama said this..sorry guys. Having worked in law enforcement and the medical field I know what to do..but […]

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