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How could anyone believe that adding ?

I investigated Medicaid Fraud and some Medicare Fraud for the government for over 25 years . I observed that Medicaid , as a " public option ", often attracted the worst Doctors who rendered the worst medical care and defrauded the government out of the most money. Most of these Medicaid Providers ( Doctors ) […]


Automobile insurance fraud ( can i still apply for the marines)?

I have 1 case in superior court on automobile insurance fraud, and anothers one in district court. I am interested in joining the military since a kid, would i have problems, since im not in trial yet but might be in a few or 6 months… I have a clean record, charges are attempt to […]


Top 11 known arrests?crimes by the family who would restore honor and dignity to the White House?

11. Dick Cheny’s first DWI 10. George W. Bush’s DWI 9. Barbara Bush, minor in possesion of alcohol 8. Jenna Bush, minor in possesion of alcohol (3 times) 7. Dick Cheney’s second DWI 6. Laura Bush’s vehicular homicide, record expunged 5 George W. Bush’s arrest for larceny (stealing a Christmas tree, really!) 4. Jeb’s 24 […]


Peoples Bank asking me for money back from fraud. advice?

a while ago, i had fraud with my checkings account. People’s bank determined that the fraud was NOT my fault, and they credited my account. i do not have people’s bank anymore FYI. so a couple days ago, i got a letter saying that they determined that the fraud was my fault, and that i […]


My lawyer gave me a deadline to plea or trial, is it a true dead line?

2-counts of Automobile insurance fraud -2 counts felony 2 counts-attempt larceny over 0 2 Conspiracy to commit a crime THese are my charges. … in superior court.. 1. I was given 3 years probation, 1,000 fine, 200 community service and a felony on my record. 2. I told my lawyer to tell the DA , […]


Once again, was any crime commited here?

I am asking this question again because so many people got it wrong the first time. They are saying there was fraud involved, false pretenses and such. And they are all wrong who said those things. This was the question but read the information below it. So, was any crime committed? That is my question. […]


IF politicians truly cared about business ethics…why dont they make it stick with laws?

why the charade of constantly giving these crooked business …and we know they are crooked and have larceny in their heats…..why do these politicians give them latitude to make more bad decisions that are against the country’s interests…stealing from tax payers ..and then come back later trying to shame them and say what they should […]


what kind of trouble can u get into for check fraud?

my recently recived a check in the mail for someones bill for 0. so he took the check, changed the name for whom the check was for and took it to a gas station and spent it. the check was already signed and everthing. he just changed the name. he got arrested for one day […]

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