Can I Sue Someone For Identity Theft?

A month ago I follwed up on some garnishment charges on my paychecks from work that seemed a little suspicious. I thought that maybe one of my credit cards had a late payment and a fee was attatched to it, and this garnishment was the money I owed. Not so, it turned out that someone […]


I need a lawyer to help me sue the bank.?

I had an account with wamu. Then someone tried to purchase my car with a fake check. And because of that, they closed my account. Then they made it publicly marked in records to all banks and now no bank will take me because all it says on the statement is fraud. It doesn’t say […]


What would you do if your son-in-law stole your mother-in-laws identity?

He opened a credit card in her name and wrote a check. It’s already accumulated late fees and interest. If she doesn’t press charges they call it family fraud and she has to pay the bill. Otherwise it’s grand larceny and he faces a felony charge.

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