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Can identity theft be impossible to fix if you wait too long?

I keep telling my sister to get a credit report, but she won’t. If she waits to long and discovers someone may be using her numbre, will it be impossible to fix? My dad filled out the fafsa on a computer with some malware, and I’m afraid her number might have gotten stolen. She has […]


Can somebody become a lawyer with a criminal record?

A friend of mine is interested in becoming an attorney, but he has multiple misdemeanor convictions: fraud, DUI, domestic battery. Would he even be admitted to the bar or to a law school with such a checkered past? He’s a very intelligent man and has ample education 4.0 on a Master’s degree, but I don’t […]


Can a felon get a license to practice law in Florida?

I live in Florida. Please do not answer if you do not KNOW for sure. I would rather have no answers than those of opinion. I am quite aware of what logic would say, but I want to know 100%. Also, please leave out the sarcasm 🙂 I recently took a plea deal in an […]


Retail Fraud 3rd degree, What DO I DO?

I was recently charged for retail fraud 3rd degree after trying to steal a 0 bike from meijers (very stupid I know). The police were called but i was not arrested as it was my first offense ever. I am 21, I am a college student in Michigan, and I have very limited financial resources. […]


Is this Budget rent-a-car fraud?

On May 8th, my mother rented a car from Budget from the 8th until the 19th (11 days.). The representative at the airport in Providence RH, told my mother and I that we could get a deal of 4 a week, plus each extra day (4 days total) IF we took the GPS system (which […]


I need to find a lawyer or law school that will take my out of state custidy case for free?

After my astranged husband died in Philadelphia ,I live in Virginia, A non custodial person took me to court for custody of my son and won (somehow?).The previous lawyer I had was a fraud.I have no more money and need a lawyer to go back to court.I was told of a Philadelphia law school that […]

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