Has anybody experienced problems with SEARS Auto Center? Part 3?

I was done with my car, but I still had to return my deposit from Sears… So I went back there yesterday, 20-30 minutes in lane and there we go… I asked for my money back.Lady said no problem but they have to charge me 15% restocking fee!!! I was mad! I asked her what […]


Can a lawsuit be brought against an Infomercial Owner / where can I find a lawyer to take the case?

Kevin Trudeau is a scam artist, a fleecing fraud junkie, and I want him stopped at any cost. His books are JUNK, and he keeps taking money from my account and MANY other peoples accounts as well. What can we do? I want to find a Lawer who specializes in this kind of lawsuit.. And […]


legal advice needed please x?

right about 14 years ago now my mum divorced her second husband because he cheated on her with loads of women. when they got the divorce mum took half of everything he had, which ended up being 70% of the house in agreement she wouldnt take any of his money. in january 2000 my mum […]

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