Child support and custody question?

So my finace has 2 kids he’s ordered to pay child support for. I support that he pays this since its supposed to be for taking care of the children. The mom hasn’t had her kids in about 9 months. She just had another baby with her new husband, she has her new baby, but […]


Restution Fraud/Insurance Claims?

I caused a car accident back in March. I have already paid all my fines and I am finished with court ( The criminal aspect anyway… I was charged with careless driving). I signed an agreement with my lawyer/court stating that I would pay restitution for whatever my insurace did not cover. (I have full […]


Warrant for my arrest, should I get a lawyer?

I was arrested for retail fraud at JC Pennys in Novi, MI about 2 wks ago. Just got a letter that a warrant was issued for my arrest. Just want to know if I should get a lawyer or should I just turn myself in without a layer. Need help don’t know what I should […]

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