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Stated income loans..?

We have all heard the stories of those getting home loans were the payment was as much or more than their monthly take home pay. Many place this blame on the Credit Reinvestment Act. Their claim is the government forced them to make these loans. On many of these loans the borrower was able to […]


A few years ago i worked for a sub-prime mort. corp. and i screwed over everyone for the buck.?

I screwed the old, the young, any client to make more money. Did fraud in anyway i could and i was good at it. The corp. Was evil, i was told do anything to make the loans get approved and i did. The investors bought these bad loans which has caused a majority of the […]


Can I rent out a “vacation” property (that I own) without committing occupancy fraud?

If I own a house and claimed It was a second home instead of investment property on the lenders loan application. Can I rent it out part of the year? How much of it? Does family count? What are the rules? I just purchased the property.


Did the 2000 Stock Market Implosion Fueled By Clinton’s restrained SEC lead 2 today’s housing Market Failure?

When the SEC failed to do its job due to B Clinton stopping them to try to prove the false premise that you could have economic growth with tax increases and to try to seal his legacy with a fraud did his policies lead us here? When the fraud was found out the Fed lowered […]


How can I report international scams related to business loans offered & scammed of funds by various lenders?

My company wants to know where can we report international fraud committed as a form of Business Loans offered by unscroupolous and Ilegal Lenders who’s taken our Company’s fees and had never delivered a/o transfer the funds to our company’s account as estipulated; we need advanced information on how to pursuit and prosecute this lenders […]


How come that very few people who committed fraud during the real estate boom never got prosecuted?

Massive fraud were committed in the real estate industry during the boom, but very few went to jail. There were a lot of stories how real estate agents, brokers, lenders falsifies documents to get loans, etc. Overall, very few people got prosecuted and went to jail.

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