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tax credit fraud will it all be stopped

hi, ive had a letter stating that the HMRC are making a enquiry into my tax credits i have been as honest as i can as far as im aware.BUT they have asked for documents etc, although all my house hold bills are in my name, (im claiming as a single mum) i have ajoint […]


My dad recently recieved a paper that stated him and I were being sued for $10,000, please help.?

Hello, when I was 18 my dad forged my signature and put me as president of his company. I don’t remember the exact reasons. Well now a 5 years later a police officer dropped of a letter stating that me and my dad and the company were to be sued for ,000. He told the […]


How to go about seeking legal advice on a situation?

My friend X has been working with the healthcare field in the state of Louisiana for about a good 8-9 months. X has been working with a client and everything went well. Nothing went wrong til X had switched to another client (still in the same company) by a "so-called friend" (Y) who reported X […]


Can I sue my car insurance company for telling me that I commited a fraud when I did not?

here is the problem I am facing now…about a month a go, I got into a hit and run accident. I stopped to get the guy’s information and the guy took off, I called the police immediately, no body came that day, I went to police station to make an inccident report the next day. […]


What do you do if you suspect you’ve been a victim of identity theft?

My aunt received a letter stating that her credit is in jeopardy because of a high balance on her credit card. The thing is, she has never owned a credit card! What, if anything, can I help her do?


Why pay child support arrears. Child is 18, He was never served, no DNA, child lived with him 3 years.?

Here is the story. My husband had a girld with a high school sweet heart. She was dating him and Guy "B". She got pregnant, told my husband it was his. Whe child was 2, my husband married her. She was still sleeping with Guy "B". my husband moved out of state, but he sent […]


Okay about a year ago I was caught with a friend and charged with retail fraud in the state of Michigan.?

I am getting a car for christmas and I am not sure if me not paying my ticket due to family issues is going to stop me from getting my licenses plate? I never got a letter stating that my drivers licenses was suspended however I have heard from a few people that it might […]


What is the probability of me being an identity theft victim?

My school sent me a letter stating that my social security # and other information was compromised resulting from a stolen computer. I have called on of the top 3 credit companies and issued an initial alert. What other things should i do to prevent myself from being vulnerable to identity theft?


I need legal advice on an account for a credit card. Only the knowledgeable and serious answer please.?

On 9/11/07 my 86 year old father passed away.My father has 2 seperate credit card accounts from the same bank in his name only.My disabled sister has a credit card on both these accounts in her name but dad being the owner / primary.His wife, my 82 yr old mother, does not have her name […]

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