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How can I convince my parents to stop watching Fox News?

I have asked them why they watch it, and they say it’s because they like tge reporters. But to me, it’s much too conservative. They always bash Democrats and praise the Republicans. If a Democrat is full of fraud, Fox reports it. But when a Republican is, nobody cares. They leave things out, and are […]


Why are so many of my family members looking down on Glenn Beck?

Personally I think it’s jealousy as millions of people listen to him and not the members of my family. I asked my brother-in-law what he thought of him, and his snooty reply was, "yes, he seems to appeal to high school dropouts such as you!" My mother calls him "uneducated" despite the fact that he […]


Why do the liars in the liberal media say Fox Sponsored Tea Parties, when they only covered them?

Rick Sentelli from CNBC started all of this, on the floor of the NY stock exchange and I watched it. Nearly all traders in the exchange, like Sentelli are democrats. The liberal media ignored it, and Fox covered it. Covering News isn’t sponsorship, it’s doing the job they are supposed to do. Source(s): Glen Beck […]


Does ACORN need to be investigated?

You want to know why all of these … liberal organizations oppose photo ID for voting? You’re looking at it. It’s called ACORN. If you are required to have a photo ID, you cannot vote if you don’t have one. Remember the situation in Georgia where they wanted to give everybody a voter ID, and […]


If it's not reported by the corporate media, did it really happen at all?

Liberal Media is a Myth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did George Bush walk away from his National Guard obligations? Were the past two Presidential elections, along with numerous Congressional elections, stolen through election fraud? Has John McCain reversed himself on almost all of his "maverick" positions? Don’t look to the right-wing media for answers. All such embarrassing allegations have […]

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