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Which is a more dangerous threat to America: economic or social liberalism?

In the last 50 years, economic liberalism has seriously damaged our capitalist system of innovation and competition. Welfare programs have increased poverty and crime. Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt. Government agencies are burdened with massive waste, corruption and fraud. Social liberalism attacks the moral fiber of society. Liberals promote anti-social behavior such as […]


Why do liberals like Obama say we need to invest in education when 80% of the budget goes to salaries?

80% of the typical school budget goes to salary, pension and health benefits for current and retired workers. How is paying bloated legacy costs considered an "investment"? If a Wall Street prospectus classified such expenses as "investment" the broker would be jailed for securities fraud. Are liberals so clueless as to what constitutes "investment" ? […]


Is organized crime our form of governance in the USA?

I’ve heard rumor of the jury system. But our most prevalent law seems to be civil findings of contempt of court born of divorce court mandates; which are civil awards offered up without jury, even when same is specifically forbidded the Constitution of the State wherein the mandates are born. So, we don’t have rights […]


Am I sexist towards white women?

I know the politcally correct liberals don’t like it but I don’t believe in feminism. Women should have rights but feminists go too far. If you ask the average feminist about female-led child abuse(mothers who beat their children, women who commit paternity fraud, etc) they will claim such abuse doesn’t exist. I also believe women […]


Was voting for McCain the dumbest thing you ever did?

Can’t say I wasn’t warned! I have to admit it, my liberal friends were right! They told me if I voted for McCain, the nation’s Hope would deteriorate, and sure enough there has been a 20 point drop in the Consumer Confidence Index since the election, reaching a lower point than any time during the […]


Is Capitalism ruining the World???

Global Warming Corporate Fraud Shrinkage of the Middle class Increasing poverty Decline of religion Celebration of people like Donald Trump & Paris Hilton Government Fraud (Lobbyists) 3rd world anger/envy Obesity spread (thru MacDonalds International) Oil prices Shanti I’m hoping for responses from capitalists, economists and conservatives. I already know what the Liberals think.


OBAMA is FRAUD! a front for the NWO transnationalists!?

DONCHA THINK? BAILOUTS , TAKEOVER OF BANKS WHO ONLY RAISE INTREST RATES especially on the poor like citibank who will now deduct 500 @ year from saving accounts less than 15,000 OBAMA IS A FRAUD ! a front for the trans-nationalist Euro elite bankers! he’ll tax your cigarettes, your food your healthcatre and your electricty […]


Why do cons think they can make up their own reality?

Let me give you an example: economics. Conservatives believe that by cutting taxes (mostly for the rich), deregulating the economy, and cutting social programs for the working poor, you can increase the rate of growth. This is basically SUPPLY SIDE economics as seen under Reagan and Bush Jr. Liberals believe that by shifting taxes to […]


Is there any connection between the identity theft industry and the American Left.?

All the nasty hackers I have ever known were card carrying members of the Socialist Workers Party. I’m not talking about Liberals, I mean serious, dedicated and most importantly, well-connected members of the Marxist Left. we keep being told that identity theft is the fault of Russians and Nigerians. I think the villians lie just […]


Why is it that when I Google ACORN and fraud, misuse, corruption is always sure to follow?

Liberals… in 2000 and 2004 there was no systematic, no corrupt taxpayer funded group that taught voter fraud. There is no comparison to ACORN… in 14 states, so far, they have been under investigation or have had found of fraudulent activities. ACORN had a great trainer and lawyer that thought them how to solicit voters […]

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