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Is it legal to buy life insurance for someone else?

I want to know if this is possible with or without help from an adult, and if it’s legal. I’m 13 and my grandmother is getting old. My dad lives with her but he has mental issues. I don’t think they’ve considered life insurance. A- If she already had life insurance would it be fraud […]


Is it life insurance fraud if you claim, honestly believing the person to be alive when in fact the're dead.?

I’m a law student watching Coronation Street – Obviously I know that someone is guilty of fraud if they claim someone’s life insurance knowing that the person just faked their own death (e.g. to escape debts). I also know that insurance contracts under English law are contracts of ‘the utmost good faith’ – i.e. there […]


Immigration Fraud Interview…?

Hi every1, My wife and I are called in for a fraud interview. My Lawyer says to bring all evidence…But we are young, and we are not millionaires…we are rich in love. thats why we got married. we only have one credit card, debit card , check and savings account. a gym membership, a cell […]


Is it fraud if a managing agent replaces the writing agent’s signature with his own on a life insurance app?

Question regarding life insurance applications and fraud committed by another agent.


What is the statute of limitation for insurance fraud by an agent in the State of Illinois?

in the sale of life insurance or annuties


What gender do you think is responsible for most of the crimes in America?

It seems like its men although women do stuff to. I think men are mostly responsible for most of the sex crimes, murder, drug related crimes and robbery. While women are more likely to do credit card fraud or something like child abandonment. Although women commit murder to, most of the time its likely a […]

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