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Legal advice on college savings?

I have a large amount of money saved for my son’s college and our financial planner is telling us that we should move that money to a life insurance policy so that financial aid boards would not see it as money saved for college but as life insurance. Would that be considered fraud? Thanks, the […]


I need some quick legal advice pertaining to fraud Please.?

Unfortunately my fiance’s father passed away in April and there was a life insurance policy she was unaware that her and her mother were listed as the sole beneficiaries on the policy. He fathers ex business partner know about the policy and arranged a meeting saying they were entitled to some money from this insurance […]


Can I get in trouble for my company's possible tax fraud?

Here’s the deal. I got hired as a tax preparer for a CPA. I’ve never done people’s taxes and they’re just showing me the basics. Sometimes, they hand me a return that is pretty much finished except one or two things that I add. In the end, I need to initial as tax preparer. If […]


Law suit… life insurance fraud..PLEASE HELP ME!!!?

My fiancee father died and left him and his brother 0,000 from a company life insurance policy. The insurance company looked for them but couldn’t locate the brothers because they lived in another country. When they turned 18 they were sent here with a document stating that this money was theirs and should be collected. […]


My Mother purchased a Life Insurance Policy through Lincoln National Life Insurance? Is there fraud?

The policy is a Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance Policy. A lawyer nephew of her new husband sold it to her, and she signed it before we, or her lawyer got to look at it. She claims 1) She has to pay no premiums 2) If she dies before 2011, we will receive million 3) […]

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