Do O'Reilly's defenses of Obama's 'conspiracy' issues hold up under cross examination?

1. He states that Obama’s school records are sealed. Then he goes on to say that Obama didn’t write a thesis. How would he know if the records are sealed? Professor Michael Barone told Newsweek that Obama DID write a thesis about the Soviet Arms race. STRIKE ONE 2. Michelle Obama has an ‘inactive’ law […]


still think Obama is legit? want $100,000.00?

0,000 Reward for Proof of Obama’s "natural born citizen" status. (Born in USA still might not qualify) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, July 28th, 2009 Copies or links to the previously released, Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth", which is NOT a valid Birth Certificate, does not constitute valid proof to claim the reward. I, […]

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